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Muzungu Project - Empowering the Young Talents of Africa

The Chairman of the IDEA Society Dr. Stefan Stoev announced the start of the Mazungu Art & Culture Project during his visit to Africa. The initiative is aiming to empower and support young talents to develop their skills and reach out to the international community.

"Through this initiative the IDEA Society wants to give these wonderful gifted children and exceptional young talents the chance to overcome their dispriviledged environment and grow their qualities, bringing them closer to the wider audience. The stimulation and acceleration of their qualities will contribute to the sustainable development of their own local communities and enrich the whole world. Seeing the children smile and feeling their hearts beating stronger in hope for a better future is more then rewarding. The reason for naming the 'Muzungu' is very simple, everybody is calling me here like that, meaning the 'White Man' ;-)" - Dr. Stefan Stoev, Chairman of IDEA Society

In the first phase the initiative is focusing on Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Ghana, and will grow continuously on the continent.