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UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day

The World Book and Copyright Day was first celebrated by UNESCO on April 23rd 1995 with a mission to recognize the power of books and reading and its influence on building sustainable and tolerant societies through the diversity of cultural expression, quality education and culture of peace.



This worldwide celebration represents a valuable opportunity to promote together books, literacy programmes and cultural events as essential drivers for a better future. On this date UNESCO wants to pay a tribute to publishers and authors encouraging all individuals, in particular young people, to read and write, develop self-esteem, critical and creative thinking, embracing the intercultural dialogue and spreading knowledge around the world.

Shakespeare and Cervantes and humanism

The year 2016 is special, marking the 400th anniversary of the death of two exceptional writers: William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes. UNESCO is particularly focussing on the humanistic dimension in the work of the famous writers, notably: human rights and tolerance as these themes are some of the most important aspects supported and widely promoted by UNESCO. The legacy of these two great men goes far beyond literature and inspires entire generations to think about ever-relevant society issues, embracing the culture of peace as the core value of knowing how to live together.